Alex Garlick, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science

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About Me

I'm a political scientist at The College of New Jersey. I was a 2016/17 American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow, received my Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and my B.A. at Middlebury College.

My research specializes on Congress, interest group lobbying, state politics and health policy.

Academic Publications

Peer Reviewed

8. "There is Bottom-Up Diffusion of Attention in the American Federal System"A Garlick (forthcoming)Political Research Quarterly[html | dataverse | appendix]
7. "Interest group lobbying and partisan polarization in the United States: 1999–2016"A Garlick (2022)Political Science Research and Methods[html | dataverse | ungated with appendix]
6. "The Battle Over Health Care"A Garlick (2022)Under the Iron Dome, edited by Herrnson, P; Campbell, C.; Dulio, D.[html]
5. "Automated estimates of state interest group lobbying populations"A Garlick, J Cluverius (2020)Interest Groups & Advocacy 9 (3), 396-409[html | dataverse | ungated with appendix]
4. "Mercy and Malice: An Inside View of the Push to Repeal and Replace Obamacare"A Garlick (2018)PS: Political Science & Politics 51 (2), 491-493[html]
3. "National Policies, Agendas, and Polarization in American State Legislatures: 2011 to 2014"A Garlick (2017)American Politics Research 45 (6), 939 - 979[html]
2. "Interest groups, lobbying and polarization in the United States"A Garlick (2016)UPenn Dissertation Repository[html]
1. “The Letter after Your Name” Party Labels on Virginia Ballots"A Garlick (2015)State Politics & Policy Quarterly 15 (2), 147-170[html]

Book Reviews

2. "Interest groups and the evolution of gun and racial politics in the USA"A Garlick (2021)Interest Groups & Advocacy 10 (1), 91-94[html]
1. "A new wave of pluralism in the study of environmental policy in the USA"A Garlick (2020)Interest Groups & Advocacy 9 (2), 244-247[html]


At TCNJ I have offered courses on:

  • American Government

  • Congress and the Presidency

  • Political Communication

  • American Political Economy

  • Data Science and the Study of State Politics

  • Health Politics and Policy

Please contact me if you'd like a syllabus from one of these courses.